Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, 2018

It was like an appointment with the past and the future.
The strawyellow light was always there and shaped the colours.
Edges where sharp and soft. The forms of the shadows,
like from Trees or Postboxes and the surfaces on which they appears,
like buildings and displays where unknown to me.
Fast moves were slow and loud voices,
which I didn‘t unterstand sounded like melodies to me.
I saw plastic chairs on a mirroring flor which was smooth
by the feet of the last 2000 years.
The Buildings where made up all of the same light-coloured stone.
Some had seen 10 years, others belongs once to rome.
By this combinations, spacial, temporal, real and imaginary
things became visible, an emergence
of states of the inside and outisde. Ordinary people, s
trictly religious clothing on children and old people.
Filled pockets, some drunk, some not.
Inviting smells of cigarettes and sweets.
An illogical enthusiasm everywhere.
Everything was contrary, but everyone with everyone.
It was an unknown and familiar feeling at the same time.
I felt my senses flow out of me while my walks through Jerusalem.